New Gender levels for A4NH

This implementation goes to A4NH only:

A4NH wants to go back to the gender levels used in the Phase I which are:

None = Focus on women or girls only
Some = Some gender dimension, but not the main focus

Significant = Gender dimension is the main focus 

These levels are asked for those deliverables which have gender dimension:

This change will be also reflected on the reports produced in the summaries section.


  1. We are intentionally including the ‘none’ option even when gender is selected. Why? When we report, those deliverables that don’t tick the gender box are the real “Nones” (no gender dimension whatsoever). Then among those that tick the gender box, we have three levels - women only, some, and significant. Deliverables that are focused exclusively on women are not necessarily gender research; this is a misconception that A4NH tries to correct.


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