Adjustments in the deliverables section

MARLO is now connected with MEL-Dataverse in the deliverables section

PhD field added in CapDev Table - Synthesis Table 7

Word limit increased for summary field in Table 5 - AR 2019

2019 Annual Report Template - Adjustment at Project Level for Policies, Innovations and OICRs

Adding a check for missing field validator in the Policies table

IFPRI division in Expected Deliverables report

Project Collaborators in List of Projects report

Active Directory Library authentication updated to 2.1

Specificity for Flagship drop-down in Project Description

Deleted fields in MARLO Project Menu sections

Number of deliverables per year in the List of Projects report

POWB 2020 Synthesis improvements

Identification of new deliverables in summary report

Budget by Cluster of Activities section removed

Gender Platform is now part of the Drop-down lists for POWB 2020

Multiple IFPRI divisions in Funding Source

Set default landing phase after log in

Impact Pathway adjustments for POWB 2020

Policies & Innovations can be now being entered in the Upkeep phase