Auto-save functionality

This is a general implementation:

As you may know, MARLO has a functionality to temporary autosave the information that is being entered on a specific section. The way as it works is that the "autosaved" information is stored on a temporary and unofficial place until the user clicks on the save button. After that moment, the information is officially saved in the MARLO database.

As a result, all the information that is being "autosaved" is not officially part of the system, and if there are linkages between other sections (e.g. Funding source with Budget by partners), they will be ignored until the user actually clicks on the "save" button.

In order to identify those sections that have autosaved information, we have developed the following features:

  • When funding sources or deliverables are listed, if there is an un-saved information there, the word “DRAFT” will appear in the left of its title (see screenshot below).
  • We have also taken the opportunity to include a new column that will let the user know when an item (Funding Source or Deliverable) is complete in terms of required fields and DRAFT information. It means that you will see a green icon if the item has all the fields complete and it has not any DRAFT on it. Likewise, if you see a grey icon, it means that the item has some missing field or it has a DRAFT version on it (see screenshot below).
  • In addition, if you are inside a Funding Source or a Deliverable that has un-saved information, you will see a warning message at the top of the section explaining that you should click into the “save” button (see screenshot below).