Baseline indicators within a Flagship

This implementation goes to CCAFS only:

In discussion with the CCAFS Flagship 3 Leader and her Science Officer, we developed a new module that allows the system to input Baseline indicators at project level.

The idea then is that, these indicators will be defined in the Impact Pathway section under an specific Outcome. And, the Flagship Leader will be able to attach a PDF with instructions to the Project leaders on how to calculate the indicators. Refer to the following image:

Once all the base indicators are defined, they will be displayed automatically as soon as a project contributes to the specific outcome. as a result, Project leaders will see the instructions and a field to report on each indicator. Refer to the following image:

This development was made as an specificity for CCAFS and Flagship 3 only, but can also be activated to any other flagship withing any other CRP.