Adjustments in the deliverables section

This is an implementation for all CRPs:

Here are some adjustments applied in the deliverables section as per a couple of feedbacks received from PIM and CCAFS.

1. The default option is “NO” for the CapDev question when creating a new Deliverable.

2. The extra questions when a deliverable is not Open Access were taken out. This was an agreement carried out in the last Face to Face MARLO Family meeting.

3. DOI became mandatory for Journal Articles. IF we have the DOIs, we will be able to get more metadata information from external sources. Right now we are exploring Almetrics and Web of Science.

If your journal does not have a DOI, you can just paste the URL provided by the journal.

4. For CCAFS, if the deliverable is a Journal Article, the question "Does the publication acknowledge CCAFS?" is mandatory.