MARLO Adjustments during 2020

 This is a general implementation:

We would like to share here some releases made available during the 2020 year, which were mostly communicated to the MARLO CRP Administrators via e-mail:

1. COVID-19 Section:

We developed a new project section to be able to obtain a summarize of any impacts of COVID-9 within each project.

Project leaders will have to provide a 300-word narrative.

See the interactive video for more details.  

Also, this information can be extracted from the summaries section under the project part.

2. QA embed 

We embed the Quality Assessment platform in the AR 2019 phase for all CRPs and Program Management Units can access it through the Synthesis section 

See interactive video for more details 

3. Word generator document for CRPs and PTFs 

We updated MARLO with all the changes that the SMO suggested for AR2019 document template. 

4. The field Assessment of risk in milestones is now mandatory as part of the impact pathway section. 

5. CCAFS Specificity: At the project level we added the field "Previous project ID" to identify if the previous project from which the current one is created.

6. BI Module (Beta): We launched the first version of the BI module with 3 dashboards for all CRPs in our testing environment and is currently on the way to be released in the production environment: 

  • Project status
  • Deliverables
  • Milestones
  • Funding sources

7. We have developed a new module as part of the Admin section so one can move deliverables between projects and phases. Please use this module carefully.

In order to access it, please go to the CRP Admin panel and click on the deliverables management section located in the left menu.

See interactive video for more details