MARLO BI Module - General Functionalities (first release)

This is a general implementation:

The MARLO BI module consists of a set of Dashboards* created to help users to analyze their information registered in MARLO (see images below).  * Dashboard: a form of data visualization that offers a graphical view of indicators and data relevant to the activities related to one or more business processes.

It can also offer some pre-defined reports with detailed information and they are usually displayed at the bottom of the pages.

How to access to BI module

- In the main menu bar, you will find the BI tab (1)

- The dashboards could be seen in a full-screen visualization by using the option       on the top right side of the page (2)

- The information is updated every day at night (Colombian time) - (3)

In order to change to another dashboard, please go to the list located at the top-left of the page.

Dashboards released (so far):

Project Submission

Here you can find the details of the projects submission status and also the percentage of completeness of each project depending on the required sections.

Deliverables Dashboard

You can see the information of each deliverable inputted in the system for a certain year. You will find information by product category, location, funding type, etc.

The list of deliverables is also located at the bottom of the page.


You will find the information as per planned outcomes and milestones (in our impact pathways). It also shows the contribution on how projects are mapped to them and indicating achievements when the milestones have a target indicated.


With the Drill-through function (see point 2 below), you can see the detailed information.

Main Features

1) The dashboards can be filtered using the filter bar elements and/or the graphics themselves. The filter bar elements allow to add one or more data filters for a specific field; plus, it is possible to filter using any information on a graphic. Moreover, both types of filters could be used together to analyze more detailed information.

2) The drill through function in the milestones dashboard will let you see a detailed level of information.

3) In the dashboard tables you can export the raw data.

4) the tables have a link to MARLO to view the specific data (project, deliverable, etc.) in the web application.